Sports Performance: PNF


REC3015 Flexibility

You must be able to demonstrate each…


Define the following terms as they relate to Sports Psych:

1.8 summarize effective goal-setting strategies, including:
1.8.1 goal focus (process, performance or outcome based)
1.8.2 goal specificity (general versus specific)
1.8.3 goal difficulty
1.8.4 goal valence (positive goals)
1.8.5 goal proximity (short term versus long term)
1.8.6 goal venue (training versus competition)
1.8.7 goal collectivity (individual goals versus team goals and how they work together)


2.1 define terms, including:
2.1.1 activation level
2.1.2 sport readiness
2.1.3 anxiety
2.1.4 energy management


Find a Winter Olympic Sport that we don’t do at school and present a 5 minute overview of it including the rules, history, top athletes, Canada’s history of success in it, and any other interesting information.

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