Sports Performance: Sports Psychology Visualization

Whole class videos:

Visualization Pt 1 –

Visualization Pt 2 –

Visualization Pt 3 –


Grade 10/11:

Part 1:

´Create a visualization routine that you could use to prepare for your sport: ´Where are you? ´What move, shot, pass etc… are you visualizing? ´Describe what you see!

Part 2:

Describe these specific components within your plan…

  •  using all of the senses to enhance the imagery experience
  • perspective (internal versus external)
  • principle of controllability
  • principle of vividness

Grade 12:

Finish work from last day.


Answer the following prompts FULLY:

-Tell me about a time where you were “too hot” in a sport. Tell me about a time you weren’t aroused enough for the sport (underperforming, not ready). Do you find yourself leaning towards one of these more than the other? How do your emotions affect your play? How do you turn these into strengths (ie. anger means you take shots you might not have confidence to normally as it did for my #00 in past years).

-Describe what you think the ideal emotional state of an athlete is at peak performance. Use descriptive words where possible. What steps might you take to get yourself there more of the time?

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