Social 20: Ending WWI

We’re pivoting today given the roads. We will complete work by moving forward.

Complete the activity on page 4.

Assigned groups for today found here.

Next, you’ll collectively (read: in your groups) create a set of condensed notes on the failures of the League of Nations.

Prompts – ALL STUDENTS (answer any four for notes):

Which of the leaders at the Paris Peace Conferences following World War I had the creation of the League of Nations as his main objective? Why did he feel that such an organization was necessary? How did he envisage such an organization working?

How was the League of Nations supposed to be able to deter aggression and maintain world peace?

When the League was organized, its structure, organization, and rules “left the League without the means to carry out its objectives”. Explain what is meant by this statement.

The power of the League of Nations rested with the council of “great powers”. Identify these nations.

Explain what happened to the colonies that were surrendered by Germany and Turkey at the end of World War I.

Which key world power failed to become a member of the League of Nations? Which other nations didn’t join? (Nations of relevance, that is.) This left which two countries as the main power holders within the L of N?

While considered a political and diplomatic failure , the League of Nations did accomplish some international cooperation on global problems of a humanitarian or social nature. Identify fields of endeavor where the L of N
had some success.

After this we will go into an interactive session on the Treaty of Versailles and its connections here.

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