Social 20: Middle Powers

The notion that Canada is a middle power goes back to political scientist John Holmes (but certainly traces further – Botero’s power rankings are informative). What powers can be exercised by a mezano vary by scholar. So, too, do the interpretations of Canada’s place in the world.

20-1 your task: Read a selection of articles on Canada as a middle power. Evaluate whether or not you believe Canada IS a middle power and describe the tools available to middle power countries. Cite your sources.

Launching off points…

Time for a foreign policy reset

Canada’s middle power dilemma

The bridge between weak and powerful states

Middle power countries still timid

Middle Powers during transition

20-2 your task: Read this article and summarize the arguments for why each of the countries listed are Great Powers. Then, identify and describe three other countries that may be considered Great Powers.

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