Social 20: Model UN Position Papers

DUE: THURSDAY – no exceptions given report card deadline

You will be writing three short position papers based on the assigned/chosen topics of your Model UN debate.

These papers will help you prepare for the oral debate on the topics assigned for Friday morning.

All papers must be written from the perspective of your chosen country and its leadership!!!!

Format for these papers:


Delegation from Peru

Position Paper on the Status of Russia as a Member of the General Assembly


  • First paragraph should be an introduction to the topic from the perspective of your position. What is the history of the issue according to your nation? Why is this issue important? This is the shortest and least important section of the position paper.
  • The second paragraph should be an analysis of the topic from your country’s perspective as well as a multilateral perspective. What does your nation generally think about the issue? What policies have worked and not worked in the past on a national and international scale? This is most likely the longest part of the position paper and the place in which you will utilize most of your research.
  • The third paragraph should be a discussion of solutions that you are proposing to solve the problem. What are these solutions? Why and how would they work? How will you solve any problems that might arise in implementing these solutions? This is where you can let your creativity and research combine, and begin formulating the kinds of proposals that will later come to fruition in your resolutions. These solutions do not necessarily have to come directly from your nation or position, though it is encouraged. (Source)

Papers may not exceed two pages in length.

Again, they are written from the perspective of your chosen country!!!!


Mandatory prompt: “Ukraine is asking, again, for a UN supported resolution condemning Russia and pledging support. Additionally, they would like the UN to pass a resolution preventing Russia from voting in the next General Assembly.”

An important note on sources

As you’re writing from the perspective of your country there is no need for sources to appear in the position papers. However, you should be creating a research binder, as noted yesterday, that encompasses the following requirements:

  • List of works examined (whether you use them or not – make a note on what, if anything, you use next to each link. No formal citation needed)
  • Country Profile (already assigned)
  • Selected speeches or video transcripts from your country (print a few pertinent to the topics for your debate)
  • A list of past international action your country has been a part of
  • Any official policy positions you can find (country website, news media, etc)
  • A list of possible solutions that may be palatable to your country on each topic (1st, 2nd, 3rd choices)

Remember: In all you’re being granted 7.5 hours of class time to work on this. My expectations are commensurate to your work.

Need help? I’ll respond via email as I’m able but make no promises it’ll be particularly fast today.

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