Social 20: Oka

We will be doing an analysis of Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance

Interactive Map: Film chapter by chapter

  • What is the role of the Indian Act in the history of Canada–First Nations relations?
  • What has been the response of the Canadian state to the land claims and survival needs of First Nations? (Think Lubicon and others)
  • How might self-government fit within the context of Canada?
  • What similarities and differences exist between the treatment of Indigenous peoples by the media and police both historically and today?
  • How does this video represent contending loyalties? Which loyalties are evident and which are challenged?

Background information:

Contemporary CBC coverage

Oka 101


1.6 develop understandings of nation and nationalism (relationship to land, geographic, collective,
civic, ethnic, cultural, linguistic, political, spiritual, religious, patriotic)

1.9 analyze nationalism as an identity, internalized feeling and/or collective consciousness shared by a
people (French Revolution and Napoleonic era, Canadian nationalism, Québécois nationalism,
American nationalism, First Nations and Métis nationalism, Inuit perspectives)

1.10 evaluate the importance of reconciling contending nationalist loyalties (Canadian nationalism, First
Nations and Métis nationalism, ethnic nationalism in Canada, civic nationalism in Canada,
Québécois nationalism, Inuit perspectives on nationalism)

1.11 evaluate the importance of reconciling nationalism with contending non-nationalist loyalties
(religion, region, culture, race, ideology, class, other contending loyalties)

2.9 analyze impacts of the pursuit of national self-determination (successor states; decolonization;
Québécois nationalism and sovereignty movement; First Nations, Métis and Inuit self-government;
contemporary examples)

4.6 examine historical perspectives of Canada as a nation (Louis LaFontaine and Robert Baldwin, the
Fathers of Confederation, First Nations treaties and the Indian Act, Métis and Inuit self-governance,
Louis Riel, Sir Clifford Sifton, Henri Bourassa, French-Canadian nationalism, Pierre Trudeau,
National Indian Brotherhood)

4.8 evaluate various perspectives of future visions of Canada (pluralism, multination model,
separatism, Aboriginal self-determination, global leadership, North American integration)

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