Social 20: Quebecois + Francophone Nationhood Topics

Here are some topics for consideration:

-Founding of French Canada (Cartier)

-Found of French Canada (Champlain)

-The Acadian Expulsion

-The Seven Years War

-The Quebec Act and subsequent Constitution Act

-Manitoba Schools Question

-Execution of Louis Riel

-Conscription Crisis

-Premier Duplessis contributions to nationhood

-Royal Commission on Biculturalism and Bilingualism

-Charles de Gaulle visit to Quebec

-FLQ Crisis: Perspective of FLQ

-FLQ Crisis: Perspective of English Canada (Rest of Canada)

-Renee Levesque: Quebec Separatism

-1980 Referendum

-Night of the Long Knives: 1982 Constitution

-Attempts at changing constitution – Charlottetown and Meech Lake

-Bill 101

-1995 Referendum: Oui Side

-1995 Referendum: Non side

-1995 Referendum Fallout: Clarity Act (Stephane Dion)

-Bloc Quebecois: Official Opposition (Gilles Duceppe)

-Recent separatism? Pauline Marois

-2006 Harper Statement on Quebecois nationhood

Quebec Project Rubric 2019

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