Social 30: Cold War and the Civil Rights Movement

The Cold War is not just about foreign policy. The domestic policy of the United States, in particular, was shifting in a major way.

This was the era of the Civil Rights Movement. Main actors like Martin Luther King Jr, Malcom X, and Rosa Parks will take the stage and argue for greater equality for all peoples in the United States.

Read the following documents and answer the following questions (for your notes)–individually or as a group–as best you can. If you require more information on the Civil Rights Movement please begin research on your own. Next day will be focused on these items.


  • Who do you think published or produced this document?
  • What audience do you think this document was intended to target?
  • Would you group this with the Cold War or the civil rights movement?
  • What is the specific purpose of this document?
  • What means does this document use to accomplish its goal?
  • What are the points of view of each document?

Source 1: brief_in_brown_v_board_of_education

Source 2Labor Day Weekend at Communist Training School

Source 3: Soviet Russian Anti-American Race Propaganda Cartoon (racist imagery)

Source 4: JFK Presidential Library Civil rights: General, June 1963: 11-14

Source 5: JFK Presidential Library video: Excerpt, Report to the American People on Civil Rights, 11 June 1963

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