Social 9: Demand work

Today we’re going to start the graphing component of supply and demand to get a better feel for how the system works. This is very basic economic theory that helps us explain market economies.

9.2.4 compare and contrast the principles and practices of market and mixed economies

Today we’re working on the demand side of things only. We’ll do the supply side next! As we work through this PPT together, it’s important you complete the note taker tool I’ve attached and have scrap paper or similar handy to practice graphing with! Your questions are scattered throughout the video!!!

I apologize for the long video — it didn’t make sense to break this up into a bunch of small videos. The supply video will be similar in nature. In class we’d have hammered right through this and taken questions at the practice steps. I realize it’s overwhelming to look at. So, my pro tips:

-use the note taker

-stop at the practice part and do it (~15 mins in)

-come back tomorrow and do the second part of the video and the questions

use my office hours to get help!!!



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