Social 9: Refugee Research


Make a copy of rubric, put your name in title, highlight how you think you’ve done, and share with me.

Running notes from discussion so far:

JamBoard positions so far:

Establish and argue a position to the following prompt:

Canada has a moral responsibility to accept as many refugees as possible.”

Your argument should be based on logical arguments based on fact and include considerations to the needs of everyday Canadians as well as Indigenous and Francophone perspectives. Other immigration criteria should be referenced. Responses that consider the impact on the economy, cultural fabric of the country, humanitarian concerns, and other factors will be essential as well.

We will co-construct criteria together for the debate performance.

It is important you can explore the issue from multiple viewpoints.

Co-constructed Rubric (in progress):

Graphic Organizers (must be used):


Jumping off points for your consideration:

Others? I’ll add your recommendations!

Possible current events:

THIS FIRST ONE HAS STRONG CONTENT. TW: sexual assault discussed

US context

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