Sports Performance: Group Fitness

Grade 11s/12s:

Find three core workouts on YouTube or other services. Then, assess the strengths and weaknesses of the workouts, including (but not limited to):

-Consistency with FITT / Overload (do they make these connections clear?)

-use of modifications

-measures (of success)

-personability of instructor(s)

-how effective the exercise targets the core and related motions (ie. rotation, flexion, extension)

-demonstrated safety (proper spotting, safe use of implements/maneuvers, etc)

Grade 10s:

Write a brief description and history of each of the following group fitness activities and include any relevant information on where the program is offered nearby. Consider as well

  • demographics of participants
  • necessary equipment and facilities
  • facilitator training
  • effectiveness of meeting participant goals
  1. Rhythmic based low impact classes
  2. Kickboxing
  3. Step Aerobics
  4. Cardio and Core Style classes
  5. Aquatics Group Exercise
  6. Deep Water Aerobics
  7. Classes based on martial arts
  8. Boot Camp Style Classes

Grade 9s:

Research a dance based fitness program (ie. Zumba, Hip Hop, DancePlay, Jazzercise) explaining its history, supposed benefits, and potential issues. You will be expected to demonstrate a 2 minute version of your program with your small groups.

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