Sports Performance 8: Hydration

You are to create a poster or other similar visual to meet the outcomes related to hydration (Outcome 2 in HSS1020 and 3.6 evaluate snacks and meal plans based on the goal of achieving optimal nutrition within various context).

Step 1: Think of four people for this project: a child, such as a younger sibling; a teenager, such as yourself; a middle-aged adult, such as a parent; and a senior, such as a grandparent. Research the signs and symptoms of dehydration, both while at rest and while physically active, for each of these people.

Step 2: Outline a strategy for each person to prevent dehydration both while at rest and when physically active. Include strategies to replace sugary, caffeinated, alcoholic, or other beverages as the case may be.

Step 3: Prepare a visual demonstration to showcase your strategy and findings.

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