Sr Sp Pf: Periodization – Strength and Resistance Training

You will use a variety of resources to create a periodization program based on strength and resistance training; effectively, consider a program that is majority gym based, opposed to your sport specific, overarching plans from previously.

You are welcome to pursue any strength goals as part of your focus area but must include the following details:

  • What are the training goals your specific program is pursuing? Be specific.
  • Which exercises will be utilized? Include a mix of single and multi joint exercises; power, strength, and core exercises; machine and free weight exercises.
  • Include the training frequency for yourself — are you a beginner, intermediate, or advanced/expert at this stage?
  • As your program is not season specific, indicate the frequency of activity based on each type of exercise, and any other training you’d include.
  • How will you include the following strength principles? Supersets, upper and lower body exercises, push and pull exercises (think multi-joint here).
  • Describe how you would gather information in order to modify your program for second, third, fourth, etc implementation.

Volume vs Intensity

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