Ag Safety: Animal Handling Assignment

Answer the following questions regarding a farm animal of your choice:

  1. What you would look for to determine if the animal is hazardous?
  2. How would you approach the animal with safety in mind?
  3. How would you best use your understanding of the animal’s personal space to maintain control?
  4. Are there any special precautions you would take to keep yourself safe?

These questions must be presented in a way beyond just answering questions: That is to say, it should be a presentation/poster/otherwise and must use visuals to enhance the presentation.

You cannot duplicate farm animals between yourselves:

MM- Emu

NP – Horse

BM – Geese

KP – Duck

KC – Ostrich

JR – Bull

GG – Cow

GH – Turkey

WH – Donkey

TD – Pig

LS – Bison

EK – Chicken

BM – Sheep

BM(male) – Goat

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