Ag Safety: Video Resources for Machine Safety

Go here to access the Ag Safety – LearnEveryWare site.

Click –> Training Room 1 –> Page 5.

(If you cannot access this link our school access hasn’t been enabled. I will provide the site access to the sub to log you in.)

There are a number of videos on machine safety — please watch them and be prepared to discuss with me on Tuesday. You will also receive a handout titled “Agricultural Machinery Hazards” you must read.

In particular, we are out to discuss the difference between crush, shear, pull, wrap, and pinch points.

As well, we are interested in discussing riding hazards on machines–though especially ATVs and large machinery–and safety implements such as ROPS.

Download this assignment (adding 2 rows, for a total of 3 fillable) and come up with three ag safety scenarios and questions/statements for your supervisor.

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