Soc 20: National Identity & Tim Horton’s

Today we talked about our national and personal identities.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at your identity and make conclusions based on the information you’ve chosen to share.

In class we had a good discussion surface about being Canadian. This is a theme we’ll explore constantly, but one article really connected with this discussion: As CBC reports, Canadians drink a LOT of coffee.

Both the article and various commenters make conclusions, but the connection of Tim Horton’s to a Canadian mythos (that involves hockey) is an apt one. As well, we’ve talked about overcoming GEOGRAPHY. Maybe we drink hot beverages like coffee because of our weather? Now we have a CULTURAL foundation for a Canadian identity. The article even includes an immigrant’s perspective: He’s moved off tea in favour of something a little more, well, Canadian.

Worth a read.

Mr. McIntosh

Teacher - Humanities

In a typical year I teach a range of courses from elementary to high school. I am our school's Social Studies specialist, teaching high school social, as well as a member of the PE team.

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