Sports Performance: Core Boot Camp + Attentional Control

Gr 9/10: Today we’ll be working on Attentional Control.

Template for explaining sports psych strategies (BRSD login)

In addition to the template, please include six common or recurring distractions that you experience in your sport and how you might address them.

Gr 11/12: Today you’ll be creating a 30 minute instructional boot-camp for the 9s/10s.

Your boot camp must have the following focus: core-strength development. It must also include two or more adapted traditional exercises that are repurposed to work the core, ie. overhead triceps press on exercise ball.

The boot camp will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Overall focus on the core – but can and should include other elements
  • Intentional design – the program uses best practice from group trends (ie. HIIT, martial arts) to logically develop
  • Appropriate modifications being demonstrated – and assists to those doing the bootcamp
  • Leadership and motivation focus – plus clear communication
  • Group dynamic – how the group represents itself holistically

You will administer this full group activity at least twice.

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