Sr Sports: Mixed Activities – Hydration, Imagery, Core

Grades 11/12 – Finish past REC2045 work. Then create 3 charts (on one document) highlighting the following differences, including benefits and drawbacks of each, in core training:

  • isometric versus isotonic exercises (provide a brief definition and examples of each as well)
  • free-weight versus machine-weight versus body-weight exercises
  • time limit versus sets and repetitions

Grade 9s – complete hydration task

Grade 10s – Visualization/Imagery

Part 1:

Create a visualization routine that you could use to prepare for your sport: ´Where are you? ´What move, shot, pass etc… are you visualizing? Describe what you see!

Part 2:

Describe these specific components within your plan…

  •  using all of the senses to enhance the imagery experience
  • perspective (internal versus external)
  • principle of controllability
  • principle of vividness


Visualization Pt 1 –

Visualization Pt 2 –

Visualization Pt 3 –

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